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Louis Palmer and the Solar Butterfly Tour

MARCH 15, 2024

Introduction to the round table. e.g.: Despite exceptional levels of sunshine and gigantic hydraulic potential, the African continent lacks the capital to develop renewable energy production projects. And yet, with almost half the world’s population still without access to electricity, the needs are immense and the long-term stakes decisive, both for Africa and for Europe.


Louis Palmer

“If the North doesn’t work with the South, tomorrow the problems of the South will be the problems of the North. The energy transition requires colossal investments. So it’s not a question of giving lessons, but of supporting Africa, which by 2050 will have the youngest working population in the world. But the projects do exist, and if the money gets into the hands of responsible people, many solutions will be put in place very quickly.

Louis Palmer

Lecturer, systemic transition expert


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