POwR Earth Awards

Powr Earth Summit 2024

A prize to reward startups accelerating the energy transition

All over the world, startups are vying with each other to invent and develop technologies, products and services that will accelerate the energy transition.

To highlight their work, the POwR Earth Foundation has teamed up with the
HUB Institute
to create the POwR Earth Awards. The first awards ceremony took place at the POwR Earth Summit in March 2024. 10 companies were rewarded in 3 categories: energy production, storage and recycling.

# 2024 WINNERS


The award recognizes the projects that have made the greatest impact with their innovative clean energy technologies, products and services, and their investments in the development of a global “net zero” energy system. Congratulations to the 4 winners:


NOTRELEC offers a platform for networking, simulation and project support to create an energy community. It is therefore possible to receive advice on the potential for ENR production (sizing), find buyers for the surplus produced, establish sales rules in terms of electricity prices and volumes, contract these rules, be assisted in the installation of ENR (AMO) and monitor the community. These services do not require any hardware, and rely solely on smart meters. This set of services lays the foundations for a new economic model for renewable energies, making them more accessible to everyone.


Optiwize accelerates the energy transition by enabling renewable energy professionals to analyze the consumption of a residential, commercial or industrial building at ten-minute intervals, and to create numerous individual or collective self-consumption scenarios. The software provides them with a precise, reliable and very fast (less than 5 minutes) techno-economic feasibility analysis. Users can generate PDF reports to share with their customers, including cost projections, CO2 reduction, net present value, self-consumed and capped photovoltaic share, energy mix, power curve, etc.


Since 2020, 3 14-month sandwich courses for young people in the renewable energies sector, recognized by the professional sectors. Supporting renewable energy professionals, with qualified technical and sales profiles for: Consulting - Engineering studies - Sales - Technical - Operations and maintenance management. RE certification courses: hydraulic - wind - solar photovoltaic - biomass - geothermal - heat pumps Session locations: Toulouse - Montpellier - Rivesaltes (Perpignan) Adapt our training courses to the latest technologies on the latest generation of equipment, delivered by in-house trainers.


Sun-Ways is a patented technical device that uses the surface between the rails of a railroad track to mechanically install removable solar power plants using a railway machine. This technology has no visual or environmental impact, trains can run in complete safety, and maintenance work can be carried out without a hitch. The production potential is colossal, as there are over a million km of rail track worldwide, on which more than 200 TWh of electricity could be generated and 50,000,000 tonnes of CO2 saved.

# 2024 WINNERS


This award recognizes outstanding achievements in the development and optimization of
renewable energy storage assets. Congratulations to the 3 winners who convinced the jury:


Airthium manufactures high-temperature heat pumps: up to 550°C, compared with 160°C for existing heat pumps. Many industrial processes use heat, which is produced by burning gas, a polluting process. Heat pumps are an efficient way of replacing gas, but are limited to ~160°C. Airthium therefore helps to decarbonize processes requiring heat between 160°C and 550°C (paper, chemicals, agri-food, etc.), while generating savings for the customer. Industrial heat between 160° and 550°C represents ~3% of the world's CO2 emissions (more than all the world's air traffic!): a market worth around €12 billion a year.


Thermostore by Coldway is the world's first 100% carbon-free thermal battery. We make the most of unused, renewable energy sources from our homes, means of transport and industries, by storing them and returning them in hot or cold form, in a perfectly controlled way, for all kinds of uses. Thermostore by Coldway democratizes the storage and conversion of decarbonized energy, on demand, without self-discharge and with no time limit, thanks to ammonia, the molecule of the future: with its exceptional thermal properties, our solution creates an infinite, decarbonized cycle of cold and heat.


OLENMOVE replaces the 20kVA diesel generators used on construction sites and outdoor events, with the major challenge of reducing CO2 and fine-particle emissions. The London 2012 Olympics burned 4 million liters of diesel in GE in 15 days, Paris 2024 is asking us for innovative decarbonized solutions. OLENMOVE is a compact mobile battery weighing 1M3, 700 kg and with a capacity of 45kWh. It provides 20kVA of power and a day's autonomy for construction equipment, lighting, cameras, sound, etc. Our digital App lets you control it remotely, anticipate its recharging, geolocate it, and automatically manage its hybridization with photovoltaics.

# 2024 WINNERS


Here are the 3 projects rewarded by the jury for their innovation in the development of the
storage module recycling and renewable energy production
(photovoltaic panels and batteries).

TSGC Technologies

PV Circulator, a fully automated recycling equipment combined with AI software system, achieving up to 100% recycling rate. Without the use chemicals or heat treatment during the process, we achieve 99% emission reductions, consumes only 5kWh per panel, further save energy consumption by 95%, thus ensuring an eco-friendly and highly efficient process.


Bib is a complete AI-based solution for extending the life cycle of batteries and reducing their environmental footprint. Bib's algorithm determines the residual value of a battery on the market, and Bib offers the operator the best solution at the right time: repair if profitable, second life if possible, recycling when necessary. Bib relies on a network of certified partners across Europe to provide the most ecological and economical solution for each battery.


Rayione offers the re-use of electric vehicle batteries for energy storage purposes for professionals and private individuals. RAYIONE's objective is to contribute to the decarbonization of businesses by promoting green energy and optimizing the use of batteries from the automotive world. A battery, the energy reservoir of your daily life!


Jean-Charles Drouvin

Co-Founder & Managing Director, POWR GROUP


Executive Vice President, POWR GROUP


Sales South of France & International POWR GROUP

Guénolé Quéau


Perle Bagot

Managing Director, HUB INSTITUTE

Wifek Touati

Marketing – SUNGROW

Boris Boyadjian

General Commissioner of POWR EARTH SUMMIT


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