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Jean-Baptiste Bosson: What news from the glaciers?

MARCH 14, 2024


Jean-Baptiste Bosson is a glaciologist, scientific expert at Asters-CEN74, lecturer and member of the Conseil National pour la Protection de la Nature. In 2023, he co-authored a study published in the journal Nature, which modelled the consequences of melting glaciers in the near future.

“Today, very few people are aware that the livability of humanity, and more broadly of biodiversity, depends on our ability to limit glacier melt very quickly… But will we be able to make systemic changes in a few years to change our relationship with nature and the notion of growth? It still seems possible to keep global warming to + 1.5 degrees by 2100, which would correspond to the melting of “only” 149,000 km² of glaciers, an area the size of Nepal. But the window of opportunity is very narrow, and everything will be decided in the next few years…”

Jean-Baptiste Bosson



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